Books for Books

Make Your Textbooks Count

If you’re a university student then chances are you’ve been carrying a backpack full of textbooks everyday to class. These books are helping you learn, preparing you for the future, and helping you fulfill your dreams. What if your books could also help a child in the developing world do the same? This term, make your textbooks count. Donate them to Edurelief and change a life forever.

Through your donation and partnerships with bookstores, we turn your used textbooks into new textbooks, helping children receive the education they would otherwise go without. 100% of the money raised from your donated textbooks will be used to get new textbooks into the hands of these children.

Drop point locations:
Yamada Language Center, Pacific Hall, UO Campus
The Onyx House, 1850 Onyx Street
The Glenwood Cafe, 1340 Alder Street

Want to represent your university or dorm? We’re looking to expand to more universities! Please contact us or get the promotional kit.


Our Mission: Edurelief is a nonprofit organization that provides sustainable education opportunities to communities in Mongolia.