Gifts in Kind

Our generous donors and partners help us invest 100% of your donations into our education programs. Your generosity and gifts will never stop surprising us. We are deeply grateful to the following people and companies who have generously help to make our programs possible.

Here’s a few items we’re looking for to make our programs even better. Interested in helping? Contact us for more info.

HD camcorder: We now have a small team on site in Mongolia and are ready to start filming in schools and reporting the current education situation to raise more awareness for our programs. This is a great way for you to help us show the world what is going on in Mongolia. (Suggestions: Canon 5D Mark II, HF10 or HF11) Update: We have a camera! Thank you!

Portable projector: Edurelief has started a project to translate educational documentaries and films into Mongolian and play them in schools to engage with students and expand their knowledge of the world. We’ve got a great team of translators at work and now we just need a projector or two to get started.
(Suggestions: Dell 1209S, 1409X, or M209X)


Calvary Fellowship - For putting on events, printing flyers and handbooks, and setting up a fund for our programs!

Dreamhost Web Hosting - Dreamhost generously hosts our website and keeps things running smooth.

Flesh Profits Nothing - Dustin is an incredible film maker. Black Friday was amazing, let’s do more soon.

Glenwood Restaurants - Many thanks to the guys at the Glenwood for the donated office space and internet.

Glorybee Foods, Inc - For putting on some of our best fundraisers as well as donated office furniture and mailing services.

Google, Inc - Google provides Edurelief with a generous Adwords grant, connecting more people to our programs.

Atlanta Click Advisor - Eric at Atlanta Click Advisor oversees our Adwords account, improving our online presence.

Indie Labs - The guys over at Indie Labs have generously set us up with their awesome Big Cartel online store software.

Institute of Navigation - For providing us with a GPS unit so we can map our programs and provide you with results.

Philip Renich Websites - For all the long hours of hard work you put into our websites to make them run like a dream.

Pine Hill Graphics - Fred and Sue for helping us get our office space setup and for all the shipping and organizational help!

Umpqua Bank - For the free business accounts and great customer service.

Vertical Response - For donating amazing online marketing and newsletter services.



Our Mission: Edurelief is a nonprofit organization that provides sustainable education opportunities to communities in Mongolia.