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The Christmas Challenge

A pair of new socks? Again?

The holiday season is here and for many of us that means we’ll be seeing our families, eating food, singing traditional carols, and sitting by the fire to keep warm while exchanging gifts. Gifts… in the US it’s a bloated 470 billion dollar market of toys, Playstations, TVs, and new socks. We don’t know about you, but we can think of ton of things better than new socks, being able to go to school for instance.

For many, going to school is a dream, not a given. That dream can come true though, as we’re sure that just like us, you’d rather a kid got to go to school this year than pull another pair of socks out from under the Christmas tree. This year we’d like to look at Christmas in a new way, in a way that extends the cheer, love, and generosity beyond our cozy living rooms and into the the lives of kids who need it. This year, instead of asking for the latest and greatest DVD, ask that someone sponsor a child on your behalf, or do it for someone else.

We’re hoping to raise at least $25,000 this Christmas season which will help us start at least a dozen school libraries in Mongolia, effectively reaching thousands of children. Here are some ways you can help to give the best present ever, the gift of education.

Give the gift of education.
What’s the easiest way to help? Sponsor a child in the name of someone you love. $25 does a lot of good in helping kids go to school and we’ll send a Christmas card to your loved one to show them just how much impact their present has.

Give up presents this year.
Feeling like you’d like to make a difference this year? Had enough of gifts you don’t really want? Tell your family and friends to donate on your behalf instead. Talk to us and we’ll set up a special page just for you where you can receive and track your Christmas donations.

Give merchandise.
We’re stocked up on t-shirts, hoodies, wristbands, and cards in our merch store. Check it out and give some stylish gifts this year while helping children in Mongolia at the same time.

Be a fundraising elf.
We’ve got a stock of 25 brand new iPod Nanos and Touches. We’re looking for 25 crazy fundraisers who’ll work to raise $1,000-2,000 by December 25. Break $1,000 and we send you a Nano, $2,000 and we make it a Touch. Consider it our Christmas present to you for all your hard work. Sign up while you can, we’ve only got 25.

Shop online.
We have partnerships with two online shopping portals. Maatiam and GoodShop both allow you to shop at over 700 major online retailers and then donate a percentage of the sale to Edurelief. Big name retailers such as Amazon, Target, Newegg, Apple, and Staples are included and give generous donations, so whether you’re shopping for Christmas presents or office supplies for your business, it’s way to help that’ll cost you nothing.


Our Mission: Edurelief is a nonprofit organization that provides sustainable education opportunities to communities in Mongolia.