Community Libraries

Communities in Mongolia do an incredible job educating their children with few materials and resources. Literacy is nearly 100 percent but the lack of available books is causing a drop in school attendance and a disinterest in learning. We’ve seen examples of families sending their children to distant towns for the majority of the year to enroll them in schools with adequate educational materials. And who can blame them?

Did you know that in Mongolia:

We started our Communities Libraries program to take on these specific issues.

How it works

We partner with local and international printing companies to provide books and materials that will promote reading and learning among students and community. Community involvement and ownership is essential to our work. We require that communities provide a clean, well-lit library room, staff, and plenty of seating. Libraries must open their doors to the local community, not just students. When these requirements are met, then Edurelief will come in with books and materials.

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Our Mission: Edurelief is a nonprofit organization that provides sustainable education opportunities to communities in Mongolia.