Laptops for Teachers

Laptops for Teachers is a program designed to help teachers in the classroom, encourage research, and promote further education. Through this program, teachers are provided with laptop computers on 0% interest micro-loans tailored specifically to their needs and financial situations. You can help us invest in teachers by becoming part of this program. Giving teachers the opportunity to improve lesson plans, research their area of study, and write and share curriculum makes a huge impact on the development of education in Mongolia.

How it works

Your $500 donation covers the cost of getting a new laptop into the hands of a teacher. Schools decide how much of their teachers’ monthly salaries are set aside for payments with flexibility up to 12 months. Once a loan is fully repaid we simply use those funds to provide another laptop to another teacher. This means that over time a $500 donation is used over and over again, aiding teachers and promoting education in Mongolia.

Invest in a teacher today.

Featured Educator

Meet Natsagdorj, one of the first teachers to benefit from this program. A 62-year-old Mongolian language teacher, and one of only two teachers in the entire country with a doctorate in his field, Natsagdorj needed a laptop to continue his research and textbook writing. Through the Laptop for Teachers Program, Natsagdori was able to acquire a computer and now is writing materials that are accessible to other teachers.


Our Mission: Edurelief is a nonprofit organization that provides sustainable education opportunities to communities in Mongolia.