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School Libraries

In 2007, we expanded our programs to target school libraries in rural areas. We found some schools were still functioning, bringing in children and making efforts to provide some sort of education. However, these schools have nothing, no teachers manuals, no study books, and no homework lesson books. Many of these communities depend on books for their children’s development because they are too far out to even receive radio or television programs. We built up our school library program to reach and support the education of as many children as possible. The program’s success was amazing. Thousands of children in poor, rural areas now have access to textbooks as well as literature books in the Mongolian language which are sparking renewed interest in learning and discovery.

How it works.
As with our child sponsorship program, our school library program partners with local printing companies in Mongolia to produce books the schools require. We also make sure to supplement the textbooks with literature and encyclopedia books in the Mongolian language to encourage development and knowledge of other places around the world. Schools care for the books but open their doors to their students as well as the local community. Locations where we have run our school library program have seen a huge increase in student reading and development. Also, we have learned that many local community members are spending time at the school to read the books themselves.

Are you a student or do you work at a school? Find out how you can get your school involved in helping schools in Mongolia.


Our Mission: Edurelief is a nonprofit organization that provides sustainable education opportunities to communities in Mongolia.