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Stories From the Field

Hearing back from children and school staff where we run our programs is what keeps us going. We believe that all children have the right to education and are passionate about seeing that happen, but nothing motivates us more than hearing children getting excited about learning, or teachers happy to finally be able to give a quality lesson to their students.

Bold (Teacher)
The books provided by this program have brought a big change to our school. In our rural area where there is no radio or TV, books are the main source of our intellectual development. I would like to thank those who put on this program because now we have school and literature books in our own language. Even people who are not students are coming to the school to enjoy the books we received.

Altangerel’s Family
Our school never had a library because there was no budget for books. Children here have no experience reading books for enjoyment. Only a week after the program started, Altangerel (12 and in 4th grade) would come home in the evening to share stories with his younger brother and sisters. He now goes to school early to read books before class and has a list of books he plans to read next.

Tsevelmaa (School Principal)
City children have many books: books for the teacher, for classroom study, and for homework. Here in the countryside, we are lucky if we have just the classroom books. Now our teachers can give children homework and students are organizing dramas based off of the literature books they are reading. Our school is also going to be able to enter into regional chemistry and natural science competitions.


Our Mission: Edurelief is a nonprofit organization that provides sustainable education opportunities to communities in Mongolia.